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Guide to some of the more advanced features on your account.

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Learn how to do a backup!

Billing 0

Common issues regarding billing and account setup.

cPanel 0

Documentation on how to use cPanel

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Tips with using a database!

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Information on what domains are and how to use them.

Email 0

Everything you need to know about using your email.

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Managing the files on your hosting account.

Frequently Asked Questions 0

Commonly asked questions and their answers.


Information on using the File Transfer Protocol.

Hosting 0

Everything you need to know about website hosting.

Installation Guides 0

Guides on installing common software.

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Information on how to access and interpret your logs.

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Make your hosting account your own with these tips!

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Tips & tricks for keeping your website safe and secure.


A good SEO website will receive more traffic.

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Learn how to use Softaculous.

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Information on transferring your account to us.

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Common troubleshooting steps

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